Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Project


Brooke and I completed our final project together so here is our video we hope you enjoy


Thank you
Jen Falk
"Teach long and prosper"- Star Trek


  1. Great video, girls! I liked the conversation!Hope your student teaching experiences are awesome!

  2. I really enjoyed that, especially Doc Not Productions. I think a certain professor should rename his Youtube channel...
    I'm glad you've enjoyed blogging and look forward to sharing our successes and struggles as we start our careers!

  3. Yea Tyler - I should rename my YouTube channel .. but I hope docnot is gone soon! Anyway, Jen, I really enjoyed this clever presentation - very entertaining. I have really enjoyed my classes with you Jen, you will be an excellent teacher - keep in touch & keep on blogging.. as Captain Picard would say "make it so" !!